Saving Tesla Park

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Tesla Park Protected from Motorized Recreation

Tesla location, history, and wildlife

Tesla Park encompasses about 3,400 acres in the upland Coastal Mountain Rage between Mount Diablo and Mount Hamilton. The canyon and ridge tops were seasonal hunting grounds for Native American Yokuts and the Ohlone peoples.

The area is an important migratory corridor and supports threatened, rare, and protected species of plants and animals, including the largest concentration of Golden Eagle nesting pairs in the United States.

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Recreational expansion plans

The land was purchased in the late 1990s by the State of California Parks Department with intent to expand the existing adjacent Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA).

As plans for the expansion of the SVRA were studied, the devastating impacts of off-highway vehicle use on the fragile Tesla Park land were identified.

Preservation efforts


In 2019, Huddle members joined the fight to permanently protect Tesla Park from damaging off-highway vehicle recreational use.

Our activism supported the legislative efforts of State Senator Steve Glazer and State Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan.

The goal was to designate the park as a low impact recreation, historic, and natural resources preserve.


Pat Gordon of Ohlone Audubon Society at our May, 2019 meeting.

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Judy, Nina and Joan on the steps of the Capitol Building in Sacramento, where they testified in support of preserving Tesla Park.

Huddle activism over the years 

  • Writing letters and signing on to joint letters to state legislative committee members and the governor

  • Collaborating with other local activism groups

  • Showing up in person and virtually at committee meetings as bills made their way through the legislature to voice support on behalf of the Huddle


  • Educating to inspire support of this land within our group and in social media campaigns


  • Signing petitions to get the governor's support


  • Participating in EBRPD questionnaires to discourage OHV use in our regional parks

Success and continuing effort 

  • On September 13, 2021, the State Legislature passed SB 155, which permanently preserves Tesla Park with no motorized recreation.

  • Tesla Park will be under control of the State Parks and Recreation Commission.

  • Work continues to establish Tesla as a State Natural and Cultural Preserve.


  • As a Reserve, the park will provide public access for passive use and education, with priority on resource protection.

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