Election Committee 2022

Mission Statement

Research, support and retain candidates who are committed to a healthy functioning democracy and encourage voter participation at all levels of government.  

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Meeting Logistics

All Huddle Members are welcome:


First Thursday of each Month

7:00 - 8:00 PM

All meetings are outdoors

until further notice

Contact: Casey

Election Activism Options

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Our 2022 Midterm Election Goals

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California Congressional Seats:

  • Defend three Democrats

  • Flip three Republicans

Expand Senate Dem majority:

  • Defend vulnerable Democrats

  • Flip vulnerable Republicans

Fight Voter Suppression:

  • Push for Federal laws

  • Register voters and GOTV

2022 Midterm Election Target Races

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Fight Back Against Voter Suppression


Contact Your Representatives

  • Urge legislators to pass voting rights legislation.

  • Urge President Biden to use executive power where possible.

Contact Elected Representatives        Contact the Whitehouse

Contact Voters

  • Help voters register or reregister to vote.

  • Inform voters of deadlines and requirements.

  • Help voters get mail-in ballots or find polling location.

  • Urge and remind voters to vote.


Get Out The Vote

Postcards and Letters

  • Help voters register and vote.

  • Inform voters about issues and candidates.

  • Help voters understand the importance of voting.

  • Remind voters to vote.

Phone Banks

We partner with other groups. You can phone bank at home on weekends or during the week. Many lists enable you to call any time within 9am to 8pm local time.

Thumbs-Free Texting

We partner with groups that provide online training and tools. Text on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Encourage vote tripling (Ask voters to remind 3 friends to vote).

Find recommendations for current active campaigns on the Huddle's Current Activism Options List